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About the smartfly team 

Meet The Team

Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years in the art of procurement and supply chain. This experience, allied with our knowledge of private aviation and our relationships with our suppliers enables SmartFly customers to access value propositions unobtainable through mainstream channels.

Miles Bailey

Director of Sales and
Customer Service

Miles earned a degree in Aviation Technology with Pilot Training at the University of Leeds. His career in Aviation began in 2008 as an Aircraft charter broker for a leading UK company. In 2010 he joined Hangar 8, managing a fleet of private jets for charter. During his six year tenure at Hangar 8 Miles oversaw the growth of the fleet to over 50 aircraft and was actively involved in a number of mergers and acquisitions, most significantly in 2016 when Hangar8 merged with Gama Aviation to create one of the largest private jet service providers in the world.

He joined the US based Aviation GPO Aviaa in 2017 as the director of supply chain. In this role Miles was responsible for engaging suppliers and building the supply base up to over 200 industry partners across all private jet spend areas.

Miles is also a qualified pilot and gliding instructor with almost 20 years of flying experience.

Miles brings a wealth of experience to SmartFly – both in aircraft operations and purchasing. In his role as Director of Sales & Customer Service, Miles is responsible for ensuring that aircraft owners and operators both understand and benefit from the outsourced procurement service SmartFly provides.

Daniel Rodrigues

Director, Procurement and
Supply Chain Management

Daniel has spent 14+ years in the aviation industry, starting out his career in ground operations at NetJets Europe, where he gained a wealth of knowledge and contacts in the FBO and Fuel fields.

It was with this knowledge that he decided, in 2009, to embrace the challenge of the procurement sector, having shortly thereafter been promoted to Regional Procurement Manager, EMEA.

In 2016 Daniel embraced a new challenge to move to an aviation market leader – Luxaviation, as Procurement Manager FBOs, Fuel and Airport Services. In this role, he not only helped shape the creation of the procurement department as well as developing and implementing a multitude of procedures, projects and contracts that provided both financial and service benefits to Luxaviation and its customers.

He is highly experienced in managing multi cultural and organizational projects.

Daniel joins SmartFly as Director, Procurement and Supply Chain, once again bringing his valuable and recognized experience to the launch of a soon to be industry recognized name, providing sustainable procurement and value-added propositions for aviation customers.

Nuno Perestrelo

Director, Procurement and
Supply Chain Management

Nuno has spent 20+ years in CAMO and Procurement functions in both airline and business aviation companies.

Leading a CAMO department over 10 years, he was able to bring airline’s best practices into business aviation while actively supporting development of third parties’ services.

Nuno joined Luxaviation’s Procurement Office in 2015 as Procurement Manager, MRO, Operations and Indirect, acquiring more in-depth knowledge and expertise within diversified areas, such as, maintenance, crew training, operations, travel, catering and IT. Nuno is also highly experienced in integrating projects across multiple organizations and cross department teams.

With a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and MSc in Safety Management Systems, Nuno joins SmartFly as Director, Procurement and Supply Chain, bringing his valuable skills and aviation experience to enhance the company´s competitive edge, in the aviation market, to the benefit of SmartFly customers.

João Casimiro

Chief Executive Officer

Holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from University of Brighton, with a professional career spanning over 36 years in several industries (Engineering Design, Pharmaceuticals, Building, Oils & Gas, Petrochemicals, Consulting and Aviation).

Whilst the first 12 years were mainly leading technical roles, the ensuing 24 years were in management positions in Supply Chain and Procurement and the last 13 specifically on business aviation, having joined NetJets in 2006, as Director of Procurement and later Luxaviation in 2015, as Chief Procurement Officer.

In 2019 has been appointed Luxaviation Group COO , permanent Luxaviation Group board member, as well as CEO of newly founded SmartFly.

Further to the management roles, will cumulatively undertake the lead negotiator role, for high value or high-complexity projects.

Andreas Heinze


Andreas has been working in aviation for the past 20+ years, beginning his career in Military, Ambulance, Business and Airliner aviation.

During his time he has held a variety of positions such as aircraft mechanic, military ATC-School instructor, Sales and Dispatch Officer. Andreas holds a FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License from the Sheffield School of Aeronautics in Fort Lauderdale.

He joined Luxaviation in 2011 and in 2012 was swiftly promoted to Head of Dispatch within the Luxaviation Group.

In 2016 Andreas embarked on a new position, joining the newly set up Procurement Office as Senior Analyst and IT Specialist, using his vast aviation knowledge to ensure the enhanced level of services were met, both for operators and customers.

Andreas works with SmartFly as Consultant, bringing not only his analytical experience, but his wealth of knowledge on the various aspects of the aviation industry, to bolster SmartFly in the market.

 Perla Fagundez

Director of Sales LATAM

Perla is a well-known customer advocate with a creative mind, vastly experienced developing new markets in four continents, with 13+ years in the aviation industry combined with 25 years in international sales.

She successfully developed the EMEA region for connectivity solutions to corporate and commercial aviation. Later on, she lead Sales for South America, to then become Strategic Marketing and Business Development lead for ARINC Direct in the Latin American market. Perla implemented marketing strategies for revenue increase and services growth. She successfully positioned ARINCDirect, enhancing customer experience while developing long-lasting business relationships with industry leaders, influencers, and clients.

It’s this industry-wide knowledge, network, and connections that she brings on to SmartFly. Today, Perla is also the founder of Aerowise, a company poised to become Latin America’s leader in interconnecting new services and technologies with savvy aviators.