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To make the procurement of

aviation services and commodities

better for our members and suppliers

About Us

SmartFly is a procurement agency for private jet operators. Formed in 2019 as the procurement partner for the Luxaviation Group, SmartFly allows its customers to benefit from the negotiating leverage of a much larger group whilst remaining fully independent.

SmartFly is your outsourced procurement partner. SmartFly negotiates the best value proposition for our members according to your requirement. There is nothing we do not negotiate – our customers engage us to negotiate everything from training to maintenance programs, and fuel to web data.  SmartFly uses our aggregated buying power to ensure our customers can access better value propositions throughout the whole supply chain.

SmartFly By Numbers

more than

thousand maintenance man hours

more than

million gallons of fuel purchased

more than

contracted FBOs

more than

GB swift broadband data consumed


The SmartFly team has more than 50 years of combined aviation experience, from regulatory and legislative services to crew training and aircraft upgrades. We are trusted advisors for more than 250 aircraft.


No hidden fees. No supplier rebates. Just a simple, clear “pay as you use” pricing structure for all our products.

Our History

SmartFly has been building our relationships and volumes with suppliers over the last ten years, giving SmartFly and our customers access to exclusive value propositions.


SmartFly aggregates spend across all its customers to obtain better value propositions from our suppliers


SmartFly manages budgets and expectations, to ensure maximum cost benefits


SmartFly customers trade with fewer suppliers, leading to better cashflow and credit card management


SmartFly customers have better visibility on price increases and reduced uncertainty around price fluctuations


SmartFly agrees and monitors service levels as part of our negotiations for customers – leading to better service and stronger relationships


Happy customers

Joe B

Corporate Flight Department

“SmartFly helped us to manage our annual fuel and FBO contracts. We were able to obtain better pricing from less suppliers – leading to savings both on the bottom line and in our credit management”

12, Aug 2018

Anna P

Captain & Chief Pilot

“By working with SmartFly we were able to reduce our training spend by 20% and also streamline our SOPs in line with industry best practice – providing both a cost and value based solution “

9, Jun 2019

Paul W

Brazilian Aircraft Operator

“SmartFly’s approach was easy to streamline into our existing operation. Outsourcing our procurement enabled us to dedicate more resource to managing our customer relationships and has added value to our operation far beyond any savings recognised on the bottom line “

5, March 2019